If you are considering in buying or either selling your property in Spain, it is highly recommended to be assisted by a Spanish Lawyer registered in a Bar Association.

Fernandez Abogados Lawyers has provided legal advice in buying or selling your property in Spain for many years. We are Spanish solicitors specialized in Property Law.

Fernández Abogados Lawyers will guide you through the process of buying or selling your property in Spain. Once you buy your property in Spain we will advice you in all legal, living and business matters.

We are also English speaking lawyers and we will provide full legal advice in the following procedures:

Selling or buying your property in Spain.

Military permit (depending your nationality and the area where the property is located a Military permit is required and in case you are not form UE area.

NIE number (Foreign Identification Number). The NIE is an identification number required for any official process in Spain . ( such us buying a property, opening a bank account etc).

 Drafting of the purchase sale contract.

Power or attorney: You could give special faculties to your solicitors for buying or selling your property in Spain. Once you give this Power of attorney in front of a notary will deal with all the procedures of buying a property on your behalf.

Change over water, electric supplies.

Other services:

Tax advice, fiscal representation, taxation for non residents.

Wills, Probate, Inheritance.

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Do I need a solicitor or a property lawyer when buying a property in Spain?

A Spanish lawyer is the only professional with the right education, work experience, official board membership for lawyers and professional liability insurance. It is his obligation to inform his client about all steps in the process, the exact buying conditions and all possible risks concerning the purchase.  They will carry out a legal investigation is carried out.

What kind of legal search is done by the lawyer?

Your solicitor will check at the property registry the situation of the property you are buying. These can confirm the vendor’s title to the property and the existence of any charges or encumbrances. They should also provide a description of the property and its main characteristics which should match those provided in the sale-purchase contract

Could I give Power of Attorney to my solicitor for buying or selling my property in Spain?

In case you cannot come to Spain for the formalization f the Deeds, you could give Power of Attorney to your solicitor. They would formalize the Deeds on your behalf and complete the purchase process for you.

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