One the aspects we should regulate at the time of divorce or separation, is the amount parent should pay for the alimony or for the support of children, no matter whether the parents were married or not.

The alimony, is the amount of money that should be paid by the parent  who does not have the custody of the children in order to satisfy the ordinary expenses of his children.  The ordinary expenses are those essential expenses for the maintenance of the children such us, house, food, clothes and health assistance.

Extraordinary expenses ( support lessons, health expenses not covered by National Insurance System, such us dental expenses, optical or ophthalmologic expenses, etc )  would be paid by the two parents.

 In any case, both parents could agree at any time, the amount of money due to pay for alimony which include ordinary and extraordinary expenses.

In case that parents has agreed  a share custody for the children, each parent will assume  the cost for alimony during the period of time each one of them has the children with them.

The amount of money to pay for alimony will depend of the particular circumstances of each parent as well as the particular necessities of the children, number of children the have, salary  etc. For that reason, it will depend of the particular circumstances of each case in order to determinate an amount for alimony.

For any question related to alimony or either divorce or separation process, you could contact Fernández Abogados Lawyers, and we will inform about steps to follow, in the separation or divorce process or in order  to regulate parents and childrens relationship after the separation.


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