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Is compulsory making a Spanish will?

Making a will in Spain is not compulsory. However, it will make the inheritance process more simple for your inheritors. It will  also avoid  higher  cost for your inheritors  in the future.

A Spanish solicitor will prepare a will for you in your own language as well as  in Spanish. Then, you should formalize the will before a Spanish Notary.  In Spain, the will in an independent document so you will have your own separate will even you are owner of half of a property in Spain with somebody else.

 You do not need any witness in order to formalize the will so you could just make an appointment  with your solicitor and go to the Notary for the formalization of the will.

What happen if I lose my Spanish will  after the formalization at the Notary?

In case you lose your Spanish will you should not worry about it. When you formalize  your Spanish will, the Notary will always keep the original so you could always ask for a copy of your Spanish will there.

What happen if my inheritors do not know I have a Spanish will ?

In case you has not previously  informed your inheritors about the existence of a Spanish will, you should not either worry about it.  At the time you formalize the will, the Notary communicate to the ” Central Registry of last wills”  that you have formalized a Spanish will. That means that anybody who wanted to know wether you have a Spanish will, could ask for a”  last will certificate ” ( certificado de últimas voluntades). In this certificate will come wether the testator formalize a will or not, the place and when. With this information, just your inheritors could always find out wether you made a Spanish will and where they should go to get a copy of it.

If you are thinking in making a Spanish will, you could contact Fernandez Abogados Lawyers and we will inform you about the steps to follow in order to formalize a will in Spain.

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