Spanish Resodency

The procedures to get Spanish residency  are different depending on you are from a UE Country or  not.  If you are  from a UE country, you will need  to apply for UE certificate in at  the Police Station  Foreign office department.

  In order to get  the UE certificate or Spanish residency ( for UE members)  you need:

In case you  are working on contract: work contract.

If you are self employed:   documents that  shows  you are registered in the Spanish system as self employed . ( alta at  Social Security)

 – In case you are not working in Spain:  You will have to show you have sufficient income to live in Spain without working for you and your family during the period you are living in Spain.   The amount required it could change every year and also depends on  how many persons of your family relies on you economically

  – Need medical insurance: Full copy of a private or public insurance with medical cover  equivalent to Spanish insurance health system. Make sure you bring copy  with general conditions and particular conditions . We recommend to bring also receipt of payment of the insurance.

State Fee: 10 , 60.-€

Application form

Original passport and a copy .

In case your are non member of UE country there are different requirements.

In case your need to apply for your Spanish  residency, ( UE country or No UE Country)  Fernández Abogados Lawyers will advice you the ways to apply for it, according to your situation.

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