What taxes do I have to pay when I buy a property in Spain


After buying a property in Spain, you will have to pay some taxes every year:

IBI TAX (Impuesto Sobre Bienes Inmuebles) or council tax: It is a council tax that must be paid by every home owner. The  IBI tax is based upon the rateable value of your property or valor catastral

NO RESIDENT TAX:  If you are no- resident in Spain you should make your Annual no resident tax declaration. You have to submit  the 210 form. In case your are two owners it is necessary to submit two separates 210 forms. The deadline to made your annual no-resident tax declaration is on the  31st December.

How should I submit my No resident Tax forms?

Non-resident taxpayers are obliged to appoint a Spanish fiscal representative; who is resident in Spain to represent them in dealings with the tax administration.

A fiscal representative will make sure your non-resident taxes are paid on time. He submit the tax form for you and will receive any notification from the Spanish Treasury on your behalf . He will also  inform your about any changes in the tax law and answer any queries you might have throughout the yea

You normally appoint your fiscal representative in Spain at the time of the formalization of the Deeds. However you could also chose it later on.

What tax declaration should I make.

How do I know if I am resident  or non- resident for Spanish Tax purposes?

Anyone who spends less than half the year in Spain can generally consider themselves non-resident for Spanish tax purposes

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